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panoramic print of farm with church in a distance wood frame - 19x23  $9.50

panoramic print of farm with lake & sailboats in a distance wood frame - 19x23  $9.50

kirklands vertical wine print chardonnay label with grapes wood tone frame - 26x14  $14.50

print of small town business district gold frame - 13x13  $12.50

set of 2 veggie prints tomatoes and carrots - 10x12  $7

bo newell print "coming to water" safari wild animals walking out of a print - 37x25  $18

Asian gold dimensional shadow box style wall art with large ornate gold frame - 37x28 - $42.50

Damask sage dimensinoal ornate circle - multi mat - large wide frame - brand new - 28x28- $30

z gallerie chocolate brown metal large wall hanging with 15 flip down sconces -48x35  $75

world market pair of burgundy and tan background wall hangings w/black dimensional design - both 16x40   $45

"bistro" waiter print in wide brown frame - 14x26  $15

"brioche" chef print with wide brown frame - 14x26  $15

"god bless this child…"aqua frame - 8x10  $5.50

urns with metal stand print - goldtone mat - ornate gold frame - joyce combs - 27x33  $28.50

still life print - planters with box - gold tone mat - ornate gold frame - joyce combs - 27x33  $28.50


lounge martini framed print black frame - 23x31  $14

bronze tone dimensional metal wall hanging - fleur de lis - 16x48  $15.73

print of a country home white mat - taupe frame - 16x21  $8.08

sonoma white floral print gold frame with burgundy highlights - 12x18  - 2 available  $11.48/each

Print of "Blue Boy" in wood frame - 10" x 12"  -  $6.38

asian style shadow box with mini teapots on black shelf - gold bamboo style frame- 20x20  $16.25

pennsylvania dutch hex sign - 24"dia  - assorted styles - new in package  - 9 available  $15/each

pennsylvania dutch hex sign - 16"dia  - assorted styles - new in package  - 9 available  $10/each

vintage print of elderly man saying grace wood frame - 18x22  $6.50

asian dimensional wall hanging with black frame - 16x22  - 2 available  $17.50/each

"a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen- mine is delirious" wall hanging with gold and black frame-11x19  $10.50

print of cabernet wine bottle and 2 glasses - tan mat - brown frame - 16x16  $14

asian shadow box style wall hanging with gold metal fan green mat, orante wide gold frame - 29x29  $26.50

quilt wall hanging framed in wood rustic window pane - 28.5x32 $17.50

Dimensional wood carved asian lady with black background and brown frame - 24x36  -  $37.50

tall narrow bathtub print - black / gold frame - 12x24  $9.50

"evergreens" numbered print ivory mat with gold frame - 15x17  $14.50

large print of 1986 sailing green in rough waters - white mat - gold frame - 38x27  $24.50

"un nenuphar" floral signed print wide ivory mat with gold frame - 13x.14.5  $16.50

"da coquille dans un jour" floral signed print wide ivory mat with gold frame - 13x.14.5  $16.50

kirklands home garden print wide gold frame with black highlights - 28x34-$20.83

asian style shadow box with mini elephant - tan mat black frame - 9x9  $7.80

pittsburgh print - the point at night - off white mat oak frame -   $10

kirklands set of 3 prints in black frames - quiet on the set, action and start film - 10x10  $7.80

pittsburgh print at night - white mat and gold frame - 21x18  $9.75